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Jan, 2018

By-Laws Of Forest Hills Athletic Club, Inc.


 By-Laws Of Forest Hills Athletic Club, Inc. (FHAC), 

aka Forest Hills Youth Football & Cheer 

(An Ohio Corporation, Not for Profit) 

Article I: Name
The name of the organization shall be “Forest Hills Athletic Club, Inc.”. Article II: Purpose The purpose of this Association shall be to support and promote organized athletic activities for boys and girls and to cooperate with other groups in an effort to complement programs designed to assist our goals and further our interests. Operations shall be conducted strictly in conformance with the Associations’ status as an IRS (501) (C) (3) organization and an Ohio corporation not for profit. IRS (501) (C) (3) information is available on file. 

A general statement of our philosophy and goals may be summarized as follows: 

The Forest Hills Athletic Club (FHAC), is to be considered a club based organization, providing club level sports for the children residing in the Forest Hills School District and the municipality of Mt. Washington only. Club Football, Baseball & Cheerleading will be competitive at all ages, however the club will have limited guaranteed playing time for Football at the ages of 5, 6, 7, and 8. The organization will provide the environment and expertise to educate the participants on how to become champions and maintain a championship level of play. The organization will serve as feeder program for area middle school programs, with an emphasis on preparing our youth for the competitiveness of middle school athletics. 

Article III: Membership 

Section 1: Admission 

Admission to membership is conferred when the applicants have been accepted by the Executive Board and according to the current league of affiliation, rules and regulations and the registration fees have been paid. Members shall be considered in good standing only when current registration fees have been paid. Registration fees for the coming year shall be determined by the Executive Board at the monthly meeting in January of each year. Payment of the registration fee shall entitle parents/legal guardians a membership for a twelve (12) month period following registration. 

Section 2: Returning members 

Precedence will be given to returning members, who are in good standing with the organization, as well as those kids residing in the Forest Hills School District, Mt. Washington and other neighboring communities. 

Article IV: Structure 

Section 1: Governance 

Forest Hills Athletic Club, Inc. will be operated by a (9) Nine member Executive Board and a (2) two member Board of Operations, which combined will constitute the FHAC Board. 

Section 2: Executive Board 

The following (9) Nine FHAC Board members will constitute the Executive Board, and are elected by the Parents of the participants within the organization to (2) two year terms; (Amended per majority vote by current Executive Board 1/2016) 

President – Elected in October of even numbered years. 

Vice President – Elected in October of odd numbered years. 

League Representative – Elected in October of odd numbered years. 

Treasurer – Elected in October of even numbered years. 

Secretary- Elected in October of odd numbered years. 

Director of Football- Elected in October of even numbered years. 

Director of Cheer – Elected in October of odd numbered years. 

Director of Marketing (reports to President) – Elected in October of odd numbered years. 

Director of Equipment (reports to VP) - Elected in October of odd numbered years. 

Section 4: Board of Operations Officers 

The following (2) Two FHAC members will Report to the designated Executive Board member and are appointed to two year terms by the Executive Board. The represent the Board of Operations. 

AM Game Day Coordinator (reports to Vice President) – Appointed in October of odd numbered years. 

PM Game Day Coordinator (reports to Vice President) – Appointed in October of odd numbered years. 

Section 5: Non-Board Members 

Coaches, Parent Representatives, and all other non-board members will have no vote at FHAC Board meetings. Non-Board members are invited to attend and provide input to the FHAC Board. 

Article V: FHAC Board 

Section 1: Requirements Individuals seeking a position on the FHAC Board must be interested in, and devoted to, the purpose of Forest Hills Athletic Club, Inc. and the current league of affiliation. All prospective FHAC Board members must be active in all activities (past, present or future) of Forest Hills Athletic Club, Inc. and/or the current league of affiliation. 

Section 2: Responsibilities 

The FHAC Board responsibilities will be as follows; 


1.) Shall preside at all meetings of the FHAC 

2.) Shall be considered first in charge of all matters pertaining to all FHAC operations. 

3.) Has the authority to be one of two signatures (Also VP or Treasurer’s signature) required on all disbursements over $300.00. 

4.) May appoint individuals within the organization to assist in decision making or consulting 

5.) Has final ruling over status of Head & Assistant Coaches 

6.) Can ask for a re-vote if necessary on any issue taken to the board. Only one re-vote is allowed per issue. 

7.) Has the right to make a decision on or request a Board vote on any issue that may arise. 

8.) Request disciplinary meeting when needed. 

9.) Watch for weather that may violate practices or games. Responsible for determination of practice cancelation. 

10.) Shall be the Supervisor of the following operations position: 


Marketing Director (Reports to President) 

 Creates advertising plan for club 

 Maintains & Updates Sponsorship Prospectus 

 Manages flyer distribution within FH & Selected Elementary Schools 

 Works with Event Manager on all outside FHAC Events 

 Forest Hills 5k 

 4th of July Parade 

 Anderson Days Festival 

 Helps coordinates Registration Events 

Coordinates Spirit Wear vendors 


Vice President/Athletic Director 

1.) Shall preside at all meetings of the FHAC, in the absence of the President. 

2.) Shall be considered second in charge of all matters pertaining to FHAC. 

3.) Shall be responsible for developing a mentoring program, and ensuring the program is in place during the season. 

4.) Updating the organization on rule changes and OHSAA rules at board meetings. 

5.) Handles Coach Discipline Inquiries, Investigation and brings to Executive for Review 

6.) In charge of CPR and rules of engagement for 911 services. 

7.) Hold parent meetings for the entire organization to explain FHAC policies and conduct rules and regulations. 

8.) Shall be the Supervisor of the following operations positions: 


Equipment Manager 

a. Shall be responsible for all football equipment. The care and distribution of equipment. Recommend any new purchases to the Board. 

b. Shall ensure all coaches are instructed on how to properly secure equipment. 

c. In charge of keeping all equipment boxes up to date for all coaches. 

d. In charge of game day markers and sideline chains. 


Game Day Coordinators 

a. Shall be the operator(s) at the discretion of the Vice President & AD for all matters concerning game day operations.
b. Will also work with the Secretary and Equipment Manager to help coordinate all Game day activities. 



1.) Shall be the custodian of all FHAC documentation. 

2.) shall be responsible for all FHAC communications to the membership. 

3.) Shall be the custodian of all Board meeting minutes and documentation. 

4.) Shall communicate information to all parent reps and coaches. 

5.) Shall handle scheduling of the practice and game day schedule, including being the contact person. 

6.) Shall be the contact person for park and school district scheduling. 



1.) Shall be the custodian of all FHAC funds and financial records and presenting them at Board Meetings. 

2.) Shall be considered fourth in charge of all matters pertaining to FHAC operations. 

3.) Shall be responsible for the supervision of the FHAC budget, ensuring all purchases are specified within the budget. 

4.) Shall be the custodian and operator of all FHAC fundraising activities. 

5.) Shall be responsible for signing all rental agreements pertaining to the FHAC, with the exception of practice facilities or game day facilities. Copies of all agreements must be distributed to all FHAC Board Members. 


League Representative 

1.) Shall be responsible to be the representative of the FHAC to the league of affiliation. Will have final interpretation on all matters pertaining to the league of affiliation. 

2.) Shall be considered third in charge of all matters pertaining to FHAC operations. 

3.) Shall be the supervisor of all field scheduling in conjunction with the President and 1st Vice President. 

4.) Shall be responsible for scheduling Bowl games . 


Director of Cheerleading 

1.) Manages cheer squads and acts as liaison between cheer and football 

2.) First in charge of all cheer coaches and cheer team development 

3.) Communicates competition information to coaches 

4.) Handles uniform ordering for cheer 

5.) Liaison between league cheer rep and FHAC 

6.) Develop fundraising opportunities for cheer. 

7.) Fills in as cheer coach where no coach is available 


Director of Football 

1.) Shall be the operator at the discretion of the President and Vice President for all matters concerning football operations for FHAC. 

2.) Shall be in charge of the following direct reports and oversee their roles and responsibilities for the FHAC organization: 

3.) Shall be the supervisor of all Football Coaches, as well as the point of contact to provide assistance to all Head Coaches, where assistance may be needed. 

4.) Shall ensure coaches abide by all FHAC By-Laws, FHAC Rules of Operation, League of affiliation rules, facility rules, and OHSAA rules. 

5.) Help produce Coaching candidates for openings and provide disciplinary actions for All Coaches Coach. 

6.) Helps manage FHAC relationship with middle schools and high schools 


Section 3: Detailed Responsibilities 

The President of the FHAC will determine what Board Members will be responsible for Special Communications, Fundraising, and Sponsorships. The President may use a consultant from outside the organization, for any of the aforementioned responsibilities, should he or she deem that appropriate. 

Section 2: Resignation or leave of absence 

Any FHAC Board Members who resigns, or takes a leave of absence should notify the FHAC President immediately in writing. A leave of absence may be for no longer than thee (3) months. 

The membership will be notified of the FHAC Board Member resignation, or leave of absence and the procedure for replacement of the FHAC Board Member, if necessary. 

FHAC Directors are appointed and therefore will be replaced by a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board in attendance at the next scheduled FHAC Board Meeting, or special meeting if deemed necessary by the President. 

FHAC Executive Board Members are elected, therefore the FHAC Board of Directors will appoint an interim replacement for the existing Executive Board Member at the a special meeting if necessary or the next scheduled FHAC Board meeting. The Secretary will assume the Supervisors role in ensuring a 2/3 majority vote by the FHAC Board of Directors, present and in attendance occurs. The FHAC Board of Directors reserves the right to appoint a Director to the vacant Executive Board position so long such an appointment is in compliance with the FHAC By-laws and FHAC “Rules of Operation”. 

Section 3: Properties 

All documentation, logos, or items created by the FHAC is the sole property of the FHAC and cannot be redistributed by anyone with prior authorization from the Marketing Director or President. 

Article VI: Meetings
Section 1: Requirements
A minimum of (8) eight FHAC Board meetings shall be held each season. A "season" runs from January 1st through December 31st. The Executive Board has the discretion as to what months meetings will be held, with the exception of August through November, when a meeting must be held each month. 

The Secretary will be responsible for issuing FHAC Board meeting agendas, with corresponding documentation should it be needed. All meeting minutes will be approved and become part of the record. 

Section 2: Quorum For a FHAC Board meeting to be held, a simple majority of (5) five FHAC Board Members must be present. For a meeting of the FHAC Executive Board to be held, a simple majority of (5) five FHAC Executive Board Members must be present. 

Section 3: Special Meetings

The President, or in the President’s absence the Vice President may call a special meeting. All special meetings require no less than a (7) seven day advance notice to FHAC Board members. 

Section 4: Attendance 

FHAC Board Members may be excused from meeting attendance by the President of the FHAC. However, no FHAC Board Member should miss more than two consecutive FHAC Board Meetings, without the permission of the President. 

Article VII: Voting 

Section 1: Requirements for voting 

All issues voted on will require a 2/3 majority vote of the FHAC Board ( Executive Board PLUS Board of Operations) present in attendance (no less than 5) to pass unless otherwise specified in Article VII, Sections 3 through 8. 

The President may request for votes by email for daily operations, rather than calling a special meeting. All submissions for electronic vote should be followed up by a phone call to ensure all Executive Board Members are aware a vote is necessary. All delivered emails will be considered final, and records will be kept of the transaction by the Vice President. 

Section 2: Tie Votes 

Votes shall be cast in the event of a tie or the President may request the Director of Football to ask anyone of the Managers to participate in the vote. 

Section 3: Exceptions to Section 1 

All budgetary matters or adjustments are to be voted on by the Executive Board only. The vote will require a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board present in attendance to pass. 

Section 4: Removal from office 

All charges against an Executive Board member for violation of the FHAC By-Laws, FHAC “Rules of Operation”, or other rules in effect, should be presented to the VP /Athletic Director. The VP/Athletic Director will be responsible along with the other Directors to investigate all charges thoroughly, and without bias. Any charges that are 

determined to be a violation must be presented at a special meeting, called by the VP/Athletic Director, or at the next scheduled FHAC Board meeting. Please, reference the FHAC “Rules of Operation” for the process to remove an FHAC Executive Board member. 

All Charges against an FHAC Director for violation of the FHAC By-Laws, FHAC “Rules of Operation, or other rules in effect, should be presented to the President. The President will be responsible along with the other Executive Board members to investigate all charges thoroughly, and without bias. Any charges that are determined to be a violation must be presented at a special meeting, called by the President, or at the next scheduled FHAC Board meeting. Please, reference the FHAC “Rules of Operation” for the process to remove an FHAC Director. 

Section 5: Conflict of interest 

Any Board Members should recuse themselves from matters where conflicts of interest exist. 

Conflicts of interest shall be considered as follows; 

1.) Affiliated with team in which the matter pertains to. 

2.) Direct relationship to the party involved. 


Article VIII: By-Laws 

Section 1: Amendments Amendments to the By-Laws shall require a 2/3 majority vote of the FHAC Board present and in attendance. 

Section 2: Proposal to Amend By-Laws
Any proposed By-Law amendment may be made by any FHAC Board Member or Non-Board member in good standing. The FHAC Board will ensure proper time is provided to consider all proposed amendment to the By-Laws. 

Article IX: Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of FHAC shall end on December 31st of each year. An audit/review of the financial books and records of the FHAC should occur in January 

of each odd year. The audit/review need not be certified, but must be conducted by a certified public accountant who is non-board member. A report of the audit/review should be reported by the President at the next scheduled Board Meeting of the FHAC. 

Article X: Elections 

Elections will be held annually in October. On the 3rd Thursday of the month of October elections results will be communicated to the members of the FHAC in writing. 

Section 1: 

All members of the Board of Operations will appoint annually in July a board member to be Supervisor of Elections. This person will be responsible for security of ballots, and communicating to the membership information on all candidates. 

Section 2: 

The Supervisor of Elections along with the Treasurer or Secretary, whichever member is not up for election will count the ballots. All candidates must apply no later than September 25th of the current season, by submitting in writing a request to run for office to the President. Candidates must submit an Ohio Bureau of Investigation (BCI) check, and must be in good standing. 

Section 3: 

Newly elected Board members will take office beginning December 1st of the current year; however they should shadow their current position in the interim, however not interfere in current operations of the FHAC. All current board members should prepare all materials referring to the FHAC to be handed over to the new Board member by December 1st

Section 4: 

In the event only one candidate is available per position the current Executive Board at the October meeting will make a motion to approve the candidate for office. A simple 2/3 majority of all FHAC Board members in attendance is necessary for this motion to be approved. 

Section 5: 

All appointed positions on the Board of Operations will occur at the annual December Board meeting. All appointees must receive a 2/3 majority vote of all FHAC Board members in attendance. 

Article XI: Discipline

Discipline may be handed out as a result of violation of any of the following; 

FHAC By-Laws 

FHAC Rules of Operation 

League affiliated rules 

FHAC or League affiliated signed contracts 

OHSAA rules 

Violation of the law. 

The President may call for an emergency meeting to take action on any violation stated above. 

All members of the organization, including coaches, parents and guardians and players are subject to the rules and laws listed above. 

Section 1: FHAC Board Members 

See Article VII, Section 4 for FHAC Board Member discipline. 

Section 2: FHAC Non-Board Members 

See FHAC “Rules of Operation” 

Article XII: Indemnification
The FHAC Board Members together with all of the members involved in Forest Hills Athletic Club, Inc., known as the FHAC shall be indemnified by Forest Hills Athletic Club Inc. to the fullest extent permitted by the Ohio Non-Profit Corporation Law. 

Article XIII: Insurance and Bond 

FHAC shall maintain a general liability policy. The policy will remain in force at all times and shall protect the spectators, volunteers and participants from potential bodily injury or damages to a limit equal to or greater than $1,000,000. Said policy will also protect the Board of Directors from liability to a limit equal to or greater than $1,000,000. This policy will be maintained at the expense of the organization. 

The organization shall also carry a blanket bond equal to the value of our treasury and all equipment combined. 

Article XIV: Dissolution 

Upon the dissolution of the corporation, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes. 

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