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Sep, 2018

A mixed bag! How we are really doing.

A mixed bag!  How we are really doing.

This past week we asked you how we are doing.  Follow the link below for the full report.  

Here are the highlights:

How you would rate us for the 2018 season at this half way mark?
61% rate FHAC as good- Excellent
29% consider FHAC as Fair
10% say FHAC is Poor

Is the GameChanger App Helpful?

90% said yes it is helpful

How is our communication?

86% gave us a thumbs up on communication

Then we let you give us unfiltered feedback, here are some of the high and low lights.

"There is to much favortism for the coaches kids if not changed will

not return for another year"


"1) There should be three practices every week. 2) Helmets should

be updated. 3) Playing time should be optional."

"WE pay 150 to be apart of cheer plus on top of that we have to pay for uniforms plus now we are

paying for a competition that we have not paid for in the pass. So my question is where is the

money we pay to organization going? maybe to pay for all the t-shirts your having made and

selling? We pay a field fee but we gut put in a corner. Why was i never told about cookie dough?

A lot of people on our team never got the opportunity to sell cookie dough. So I am not happy

with FH at all and would not recommend this organization to anyone else, and I know i am not

the only person that feels this way. O wait last year we sold tumblers so we could have a team

dinner well we all sold tumblers but NO dinner. I feel like we need an Audit to see where the

money goes."

"Things feel a little messy compared to years past, feels like things are late and unorganized.

There is a lot of communication but things are constantly changing and it gets tough to keep

track. For example, uniforms coming in late, picture day moved, then we all came early, all stood

around, jackets still not delivered, cookie dough dates/reimbursements unclear. However, code

of conduct was a good addition, love having an app and FB information to reference!"

"This is our first year with FHAC football season. From what I've seen everyone is doing an

excellent job, from the president and vice president to other staff including head coach and

assistant coaches. Keep up the great work."

"Its sad when we cancel because of rain, while other teams practice in snow, sleet, heat, rain etc.

We are getting 4 hours a week in if we are lucky. We need our mondays back, other teams

practice 3-6 days a week. I just hope no one is disappoint when we dont make it to play offs

when we dont practice enough."

"Maybe more help from the parent cheer side. It’s always the football parents having to volunteer

at home games for the gate, concession, press box, and field crew. It would be helpful if the

cheer parents could contribute at the gate or concession. Even if they could help setting up or

tearing down concession to make things a little easier for the board members. I personally just

don’t see much volunteering from the cheer parents. Other than that, Forest Hills seems to be

moving in a huge positive direction."

"Everything is going well"

"I think you guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!"

"More player centered/team building activities. Maybe pep rallies, youth nights at Anderson or

Turpin football games etc."

"The head Coaches get too intense at times. I know they want to win but the players are only

boys. They need to chill and stop being so hard on the board, the parents and players. The boys

(and parents) just want to have fun!"

"Communication is the biggest flaw that i see. If things were better put together

communicating wouldn’t be so hard."

"Slow or no response from board when emailing about questions or concerns. Unclear

communication regarding uniforms (when they were to arrive and a delay in receiving the

uniforms) and money raised during fundraiser. In addition, I ordered and paid for a jacket for my

cheerleader and the jacket has not arrived."

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